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¡°The number of times I saw James disappearing under it¡­¡± said Lupin, waving an impatient hand again. ¡°The point is, even if you're wearing an Invisibility Cloak, you still show up on the Marauder's Map. I watched you cross the grounds and enter Hagrid's hut. Twenty minutes later, you left Hagrid, and set off back toward the castle. But you were now accompanied by somebody else.¡±

¡°I told you to shut up about my dad!¡± Harry yelled. ¡°I know the truth, all right? He saved your life! Dumbledore told me! You wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for my dad!¡±

1 o'clock, Charms

¡°Here comes Lupin!¡± said Harry as they saw another figure sprinting down the stone steps and halting toward the Willow. Harry looked up at the sky. Clouds were obscuring the moon completely.

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