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Snape approached their table, stared down his hooked nose at the roots, then gave Ron an unpleasant smile from beneath his long, greasy black hair.

¡°Well¡­ okay, then¡­ I'll wait here with Buckbeak¡­ but Harry, be careful ¡ª there's a werewolf out there ¡ª and the Dementors.¡±

¡°Get out of the way!¡± he shouted at Ron and Hermione.

Harry spent the long sunny days exploring the shops and eating under the brightly colored umbrellas outside cafes, where his fellow diners were showing one another their purchases (¡°It's a lunascope, old boy ¡ª no more messing around with moon charts, see?¡±) or else discussing the case of Sirius Black (¡°Personally, I won't let any of the children out alone until he's back in Azkaban¡±). Harry didn't have to do his homework under the blankets by flashlight anymore; now he could sit in the bright sunshine outside Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, finishing all his essays with occasional help from Florean Fortescue himself, who, apart from knowing a great deal about medieval witch burnings, gave Harry free sundaes every half an hour.

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