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¡°AAARGH!¡± he yelled, pointing at Harry's head. Then he turned tail and ran, at breakneck speed, back down the hill, Crabbe and Goyle behind him.

¡°Yes, but ¡ª but ¡ª¡± Heroine seemed to be struggling to find another problem. ¡°Look, Harry still shouldn't be coming into Hogsmeade. He hasn't got a signed form! If anyone finds out, he'll be in so much trouble! And it's not nightfall yet ¡ª what if Sirius Black turns up today? Now?¡±

A ray of wintry sunlight fell across the classroom, illuminating Lupin's gray hairs and the lines on his young face.

But exactly what was wonderful about Arithmancy, Harry never found out. At that precise moment, a strangled yell echoed down the boys¡¯ staircase. The whole common room fell silent, staring, petrified, at the entrance. Then came hurried footsteps, growing louder and louder ¡ª and then Ron came leaping into view, dragging with him a bedsheet.

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