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Aunt Marge was Uncle Vernon's sister. Even though she was not a blood relative of Harry's (whose mother had been Aunt Petunia's sister), he had been forced to call her ¡®Aunt¡¯ all his life. Aunt Marge lived in the country, in a house with a large garden, where she bred bulldogs. She didn't often stay at Privet Drive, because she couldn't bear to leave her precious dogs, but each of her visits stood out horribly vividly in Harry's mind.

¡°I've been up in Gryffindor Tower,¡± said Harry. ¡°Like you told ¡ª¡±

Personally, Harry was sure that Crookshanks had eaten Scabbers, and when he tried to point out to Hermione that the evidence all pointed that way, she lost her temper with Harry too.

¡°Hogwarts?¡± he said abruptly. ¡°Come to get your new books?¡±

Peeves didn't look up until Professor Lupin was two feet away; then he wiggled his curly-toed feet and broke into song.

¡°All right then¡­¡± said Lupin. ¡°You might want to select another memory, a happy memory, I mean, to concentrate on¡­That one doesn't seem to have been strong enough¡­¡±

Hermione, who had been rummaging in Hagrid's cupboard for another milk jug, let out a small, quickly stifled sob. She straightened up with the new jug in her hands, fighting back tears.

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