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But Harry didn't go back to the common room; he climbed a staircase, thinking vaguely of visiting the Owlery to see Hedwig, and was walking along another corridor when a voice from inside one of the rooms said, ¡°Harry?¡±

¡°Don't expect me to cover up for you again, Harry. I cannot make you take Sirius Black seriously. But I would have thought that what you have heard when the Dementors draw near you would have had more of an effect on you. Your parents gave their lives to keep you alive, Harry. A poor way to repay them ¡ª gambling their sacrifice for a bag of magic tricks.¡±

¡°Why ¡ª?¡± Harry began. Lupin looked at him and answered the unfinished question.

Ron was yelling so loudly that Uncle Vernon jumped and held the receiver a foot away from his ear, staring at it with an expression of mingled fury and alarm.

Harry stopped dead, his heart banging against his ribs.

Pettigrew flinched as though Black had brandished a whip at him.

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