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¡°Seriously,¡± said Professor McGonagall, and she was actually smiling. ¡°I daresay you'll need to get the feel of it before Saturday's match, won't you? And Potter ¡ª do try and win, won't you? Or we'll be out of the running for the eighth year in a row, as Professor Snape was kind enough to remind me only last night¡­¡±

¡°Ah yes,¡± said Lupin, when Harry reminded him of his promise at the end of class. ¡°Let me see¡­how about eight o'clock on Thursday evening? The History of Magic classroom should be large enough¡­I'll have to think carefully about how we're going to do this¡­We can't bring a real Dementor into the castle to practice on¡­.¡±

¡°Which person,¡± she said, her voice shaking, ¡°which abysmally foolish person wrote down this week's passwords and left them lying around?¡±

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