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¡°Not happy? Why shouldn't he be happy, if they're there to catch Black?¡±

¡°Yes, I do,¡± said Dumbledore quietly. ¡°But I have no power to make other men see the truth, or to overrule the Minister of Magic¡­.¡±

¡°Go!¡± said Hagrid fiercely. ¡°It's bad enough without you lot in trouble an¡¯ all!¡±

¡°I shoulda known there was somethin¡¯ fishy goin¡¯ on then. He loved that motorbike, what was he givin¡¯ it ter me for? Why wouldn¡¯ he need it anymore? Fact was, it was too easy ter trace. Dumbledore knew he'd bin the Potters¡¯ Secret-Keeper. Black knew he was goin¡¯ ter have ter run fer it that night, knew it was a matter o¡¯ hours before the Ministry was after him.

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