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¡°I'm sure I've read about a case of Hippogriff-baiting,¡± said Hermione thoughtfully, ¡°where the Hippogriff got off. I'll look it up for you, Hagrid, and see exactly what happened.¡±

It didn't occur to Harry to put Fudge right. He was still waiting to hear what was going to happen to him now.

¡°Harry, I don't understand what Dumbledore wants us to do. Why did he tell us to go back three hours? How's that going to help Sirius?¡±

Harry climbed back down the ladder and the spiral staircase, wondering¡­had he just heard Professor Trelawney make a real prediction? Or had that been her idea of an impressive end to the test?

Would Malfoy believe what he had seen? Would anyone believe Malfoy? Nobody knew about the Invisibility Cloak ¡ª nobody except Dumbledore. Harry's stomach turned over ¡ª Dumbledore would know exactly what had happened, if Malfoy said anything ¡ª

¡°Now?¡± Harry whispered.

Lupin smiled wryly.

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