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Hermione opened her mouth to argue, but at that moment Crookshanks leapt lightly onto her lap. A large, dead spider was dangling from his mouth.

¡°Secondly,¡± said Uncle Vernon, acting as though he had not heard Harry's reply, ¡°as Marge doesn't know anything about your abnormality, I don't want any ¡ª any funny stuff while she's here. You behave yourself, got me?¡±

¡°But Professor Lupin¡­Scabbers can't be Pettigrew¡­it just can't be true, you know it can't¡­¡±

Professor Trelawney behaved almost normally until the very end of Christmas dinner, two hours later. Full to bursting with Christmas dinner and still wearing their cracker hats, Harry and Ron got up first from the table and she shrieked loudly.

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