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Professor Trelawney hesitated, then lowered herself into the empty chair, eyes shut and mouth clenched tight, as though expecting a thunderbolt to hit the table. Professor McGonagall poked a large spoon into the nearest tureen.

¡°It was as if someone had lit a fire In my head, and the Dementors couldn't destroy it¡­It wasn't a happy feeling¡­it was an obsession¡­but it gave me strength, it cleared my mind. So, one night when they opened my door to bring food, I slipped past them as a dog¡­It's so much harder for them to sense animal emotions that they were confused¡­I was thin, very thin¡­thin enough to slip through the bars¡­I swam as a dog back to the mainland ¡­I journeyed north and slipped into the Hogwarts grounds as a dog. I've been living in the forest ever since, except when I came to watch the Quidditch, of course. You fly as well as your father did, Harry¡­.¡±

¡°Hermione ¡ª¡±

¡°She doesn't know,¡± said Ron, staring resentfully after Hermione. ¡°She's just trying to get us to talk to her again.¡±

But before Hermione could answer, Crookshanks sprang from Seamus's bed, right at Ron's chest.

¡°Get on ¡ª there's not much time,¡± said Harry, gripping Buckbeak firmly on either side of his sleek neck to hold him steady. ¡°You've got to get out of here -the Dementors are coming ¡ª Macnair's gone to get them.¡±

¡°¡®Choo lookin¡¯ at?¡± said Stan.

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