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¡°Worse even than that, m'dear¡­¡± Fudge dropped his voice and proceeded in a sort of low rumble. ¡°Not many people are aware that the Potters knew You-Know-Who was after them. Dumbledore, who was of course working tirelessly against You-Know-Who, had a number of useful spies. One of them tipped him off, and he alerted James and Lily at once. He advised them to go into hiding. Well, of course, You-Know-Who wasn't an easy person to hide from. Dumbledore told them that their best chance was the Fidelius Charm.¡±

Harry stayed silent. Snape was trying to provoke him into telling the truth. He wasn't going to do it. Snape had no proof ¡ª yet.

¡°Macnair!¡± said Harry. ¡°The executioner! He's gone to get the Dementors! This is it, Hermione ¡ª¡±

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