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A shrill voice was laughing, the woman was screaming, and Harry knew no more.

^You ! you just told me that the ! the Dark Lord's going to rise again´that his servant's going to go back to him. ̄

Deciding that he'd worry about the Hogsmeade form when he woke up, Harry got back into bed and reached up to cross off another day on the chart he'd made for himself, counting down the days left until his return to Hogwarts. Then he took off his glasses and lay down; eyes open, facing his three birthday cards.

^They've ! got ! a ! right ! to ! know ! everything! ̄ Lupin panted, still trying to restrain Black. ^Ron's kept him as a pet! There are parts of it even I don't understand, and Harry ! you owe Harry the truth, Sirius! ̄

^Okay, ̄ said Ron. ^How much ! OUCH! ̄

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