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¡°Know I shouldn¡¯ feel happy, after wha¡¯ happened las¡¯ night,¡± he said. ¡°I mean, Black escapin¡¯ again, an, everythin¡¯ ¡ª but guess what?¡±

¡°Why are the Ministry providing cars, Father?¡± Percy asked again, in a dignified voice.

Ron obviously realized that he'd gotten Harry into trouble, because he hadn't called again. Harry's other best friend from Hogwarts, Hermione Granger, hadn't been in touch either. Harry suspected that Ron had warned Hermione not to call, which was a pity, because Hermione, the cleverest witch in Harry's year, had Muggle parents, knew perfectly well how to use a telephone, and would probably have had enough sense not to say that she went to Hogwarts.

Harry could tell that Uncle Vernon was thinking it over, even if his teeth were bared and a vein was throbbing in his temple.

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