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¡°Well, not necessarily by a fox,¡± said Lavender, looking up at Hermione with streaming eyes, ¡°but I was obviously dreading him dying, wasn't I?¡±

¡°I know that,¡± said Harry, striving to keep his face free of guilt or fear. ¡°It sounds like Malfoy's having hallucin ¡ª¡±

¡°I promised I wouldn't tell anyone,¡± said Hermione severely. She looked around at Harry, who was watching Hogwarts disappear from view behind a mountain. Two whole months before he'd see it again¡­.

Snape was slightly breathless, but his face was full of suppressed triumph. ¡°You're wondering, perhaps, how I knew you were here?¡± he said, his eyes glittering. ¡°I've just been to your office, Lupin. You forgot to take your potion tonight, so I took a gobletful along. And very lucky I did¡­lucky for me, I mean. Lying on your desk was a certain map. One glance at it told me all I needed to know. I saw you running along this passageway and out of sight.¡±

For a fraction of a second he stood, irresolute, in front of Hagrid's door. You must not be seen. But he didn't want to be seen. He wanted to do the seeing¡­. He had to know¡­

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