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Hagrid went quiet for a moment, staring into his tea. Then he said quietly, ¡°Thought o¡¯ jus¡¯ letting Buckbeak go ¡­tryin¡¯ ter make him fly away¡­but how d'yeh explain ter a Hippogriff it's gotta go inter hidin'? An¡¯ ¡ª an¡¯ I'm scared o¡¯ breakin¡¯ the law¡­¡± He looked up at them, tears leaking down his face again. ¡°I don¡¯ ever want ter go back ter Azkaban.¡±

¡°Oh yes, Professorhead,¡± said Peeves, with the air of one cradling a large bombshell in his arms. ¡°He got very angry when she wouldn't let him in, you see.¡± Peeves flipped over and grinned at Dumbledore from between his own legs. ¡°Nasty temper he's got, that Sirius Black.¡±

¡°And what are you tutting at us for?¡± said Ron irritably.

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