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Back into Honeydukes, back down the cellar steps, across the stone floor, through the trapdoor ¡ª Harry pulled off the cloak, tucked it under his arm, and ran, flat out, along the passage¡­Malfoy would get back first¡­ how long would it take him to find a teacher? Panting, a sharp pain in his side, Harry didn't slow down until he reached the stone slide. He would have to leave the cloak where it was, it was too much of a giveaway in case Malfoy had tipped off a teacher ¡ª he hid it in a shadowy corner, then started to climb, fast as he could, his sweaty hands slipping on the sides of the chute. He reached the inside of the witch's hump, tapped it with his wand, stuck his head through, and hoisted himself out; the hump closed, and just as Harry jumped out from behind the statue, he heard quick footsteps approaching.

¡°Why?¡± he said again.

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